Rugby Sevens Series has acquired an important amount of fame during these last years. As World Rugby Chairman Beaumont said ” After yet another record-breaking HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series, we look forward to what promises to be a very special 2017-18 season for men’s and women’s rugby sevens”.

HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series 2017-18 – Schedule

HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series

When July comes to an end, rugby players from all around the globe will be competing inside the iconic AT&T Park. And it’s all for the next world championship. The Rugby Sevens Series will be having over twenty four men’s and also 16 women’s teams will be going to San Francisco in order to compete for the world cup.

Both men and women’s New Zealand teams will be defending their most recently acquired titles against the Olympic Gold Medalist from Fiji and Australia. It might come to a surprise for you to know, both the American teams are very strong competitors in rugby. And they surely will give a strong battle in the Rugby Sevens Series.

So we can expect another great season for the Rugby Sevens Series. The schedule from last Rugby season is going to be almost the same this next season. New Zealand Sevens will change Hamilton to accommodate Wellington in the series, on the third round series, which is in February.

More changes will be done this next Rugby Sevens Series. The next season will get the Commonwealth Games on Australia’s Gold Coast on the schedule. This change will take place in between Singapore and Hong Kong rounds.

Rugby Sevens Series of 2017-18 will have 10 stellar destinations for men’s series. These will serve to build up the excitement that awaits the Rugby World Cup Sevens 2018 which is taking places in San Francisco. New Zealand men’s and women’s teams are looking to defend their trophies won in 2013 in this event that promises to be huge.

The Rugby Sevens Series will begin in the 1-2 of December 2017 in Dubai. It will then move to Cape Town the week after that. When December breaks end, the 16 teams will there on after being in Sydney for over three days. From 26 to 28 of January 2018. After all of that, the FMG Stadium Waikato in Hamilton will be where the teams will be moving there one week later.

Las Vegas will be hosting the fifth and sixth round. Vancouver will host them on March 10 and 11. The teams participating in the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast in Australia will travel to the Hong Kong tournament. It will take place from the 6 to 8 of April. Singapore will resume the series on the 28 and 29 of April 2018.

After being active that long, playing and having some rough games, welfare considerations of the player has to be moved to the forefront of the schedule. HSBC Paris Sevens will be taking place on the 26 to 27 of May. After that, the teams will be traveling to Twickenham on the 2 or 3 of June. Right when that ends. they have to go to London.

When the Rugby Seven Series come to an end, USA will have the spotlight on the 20 to 22 of July. The Rugby World Cup Sevens at the AT&T Park, which is the amazing house of the San Francisco Giants baseball team.If you want to get on in the action, the tickets for the tournament will begin to sell on the 20 of July of 2017. Start saving up. There is not much time left, so start now. 13 men’s rugby teams have already qualified for the tournament.

Last season, the 2016-17 rugby sevens series was the 18th annual series. The World Rugby has been running rugby sevens series since the year 1999. South Africa has won five tournaments. The 2016-17 rugby seven series also served as a qualifying tournament for the 2018 Rugby World Cup Sevens. Of course, nine teams had already qualified the highest placed four from among them six also gained qualification to enter the 208 Rugby World Cup Sevens. The best players from the season where Perry Baker in number one with 57 tries and 285 points.

The alleged dream team would be; In Forward, Chris Dry, from Jamaica, Kalione Nasoko, from Fiji and Danny Barret, from the USA. The Backs would be Jerry Tuwai, from Fiji, Rosko Specman, from Jamaica, Dan Norton, from England and Perry Baker, from the USA.

The best players from the season where Perry Baker, from the USA, in number one with 57 tries and 285 points. In second place Ethan Davies, from Wales, with 281 points. Madison Hughes, from the USA in third place with 279 points. Nathan Hirayama, from Canada in fourth place, with 269. In fifth place, Scott Wight, from Scotland, with 266 points.

So, if you are a fan of rugby, you might want to be placing your bets and start preparing for the Rugby Sevens Series. It sure promises to be one of the greatest seasons for rugby. For both men’s and women’s teams.

Will you be attending the stadium in San Francisco? Let us know in the comments below. Which is your favorite team? I don’t really have a favorite. I just like watching the sport. Rugby’s games are very interesting. It combines many strategies in order to get a hold over the other team.