Born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1959, Sam Farha Net Worth stands at $100 Million as of 2018. His family moved to the United States because of the Lebanese civil war when he has a teenager. He graduated from the University of Kansas and then moved to Houston to join his brother in work.

A year after moving to Houston, Farha tried a game of poker where he earned a few thousand dollars. He then quit his job and decided to pursue a full-time career in professional poker. Since then, he hasn’t looked back and succeeded in earning a massive wealth and fame through poker.

Sam Farha is quite popular within the poker community due to his appearances on the high stakes poker TV shows. Farha has won three World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets in his career. He is famous for getting the runners-up position at the 2003 WSOP main events.

Sam Farha Net Worth-UPDATED 2018

Sam Farha has participated in many rounds of the World Series of Poker and his best was finishing second in 2003 WSO event earning about $1.3 million. Farha also won the 2005 WSOP main event and the 2010 WSOP main event. In 2012, he finished 11th in the WSOP Omaha event earning $43,076. Farha has won all the three WSOP bracelets from the Omaha events.

Sam Farha Net Worth

  • 1996 Omaha w/Rebuys for a prize money of $145,000
  • 2006 Omaha Hi-Lo won him $398,560
  • 2010 Omaha Hi-Lo Split for a prize of $488,241

In addition to the WSOP achievements, Farha also finished in the money at the National Heads-up Poker Championship events winning $75,000 and $125,000 at two events. He has also won three cashes at World Poker Tour events, earning about $100,000.

Here is a glimpse of few of the highest earnings of the poker player.

  • $1,300,000 from the 34th Annual WSOP Hold’em championship in 2003
  • $107,385 from 39the Annual WSOP Hold’em and mixed event in 2008
  • $125,000 from NBC National Heads-up Poker championship in 2009
  • $519,884 from 41st Annual WSOP event and Omaha Hi-Lo Split event in 2010

As of today, Sam Farha’s total winnings in live poker tournament exceed $2,800,000. However, he prefers playing high stakes Omaha cash games. Out of these winnings, his eleven cashes at the WSOP total to $2,586,105.

Sam Farha Net Worth-Acting, Reality TV & Other Activities

Despite a successful poker career, Farha’s wealth comes largely from his business ventures. He used money earned from his business to fund his poker career.

In addition to business, Farha has been involved in poker-related activities which contribute to his earnings and net worth. He is a spokesperson for Harrah’s Las Vegas Casino. He has also appeared on four seasons of the show ‘High Stakes Poker’ and in the 2007 film ‘Lucky You’ as his own character.

Farha has co-authored a book about a detailed guide on Omaha Poker Strategy ‘Farha on Omaha’. In this book, he describes basic poker strategies along with his personal strategies to help the readers learn not only the game but also the Farha style. He is currently working on his second book titled ‘Luck is Not Enough’. He is also working on a video game and a reality television poker series.

Popular as one of the best known professional poker players, Sam Farha has earned different nicknames like ‘Mister Cool’ and ‘Sammy’. He is famous for his unpredictable and aggressive style of play and his ability to read and predict his opponents.

The second richest poker player after Dan Bilzerian, Sam Farha is a great source of inspiration for poker fascinates across the world. Do share this on Facebook and pin it on your Pinterest boards to help spread this story.