Different sports call for different requirements from the players, and people may be better or worse equipped for them owing to their natural abilities, like height, weight, etc. For example, it is fairly obvious that height is a big determining factor in Basketball, and that being taller than others would give you a slight advantage which would only further be boosted up with natural skills. However, Soccer doesn’t have such demands over one’s height. In fact, in the case of those playing the Offense, often it can prove advantageous for the shortest soccer players  as the lower centre of gravity actually helps them with agility and balance, letting them carry the ball forwards with greater ease than their tall counterparts.

There are in fact many really famous short players out there even currently, one of them being the Argentine player Lionel Messi at just 1.7 meters. However, he is far from the shortest soccer players and thus doesn’t make it to this list. In fact, the shortest football players can go as short as just 5 feet 0.6 inches!

Top 10 Shortest Soccer Players in the World

So here’s a round-up of some of the shortest soccer players in the world.

#10. Alexis Sanchez-1.69 m

Shortest Soccer Players-Alexis Sanchez

At 28, Sanchez has a height of 1.69 m. This Chilean footballer plays for Arsenal and is quite a great player with a salary of over 100 million US dollars per year.

He’s earned a total of 100 caps, which makes him the second most capped player in the team in history, second only to the goalkeeper Claudio Bravo.