It goes without saying that soccer players enjoy a special prestige in the realm of celebrities. They are adored by everyone around the world, girls want to be with them and men want to be like them. And what greater way to display your desire to be like your favorite soccer player than to imitate the soccer player haircuts or their costumes, right? After all, imitation is the best form of flattery.

People have often imitated their favorite celebrities. Whether it came in the form of the sudden and complete upsurge of Blue Jeans as a representation of the American Dream post-JamesDean, or whether it be the adornment of black fishnet stockings as a sign of rebellion post-Grease or post-Madonna, people have always imitated those they look up to, those they admire, those they wish to be like. And since Soccer is one of the greatest and most popular sports on the face of the earth, it is natural that kids and teenagers and adults alike would want to be like them. It is well known that people wear jerseys bearing the numbers of their favorite teams and players, however, another stronger means of identification is to get soccer player hairstyle which is representative of your idols.

10 Best Soccer Player Haircuts-2017

So here’s a list of 10 of the best Soccer Player Haircuts for all the super fans out there.

#1.  Marco Reus-Germany

Soccer Player Haircuts - Marco Reus

This 26-year-old midfielder from Dortmund has quite an ordinary hair style, however, he’s been able to turn it into a signature style because of the way he carries it. It is swept-over-top with a close buzz cut round the sides.

The top of the hair has some faint highlights that look just beautiful as it catches the sun. If you want a look that is modern yet sophisticated and classy, go for the Reus.