The chance of winning a lottery for an individual is one in 14 million. But a Romanian-Australian mathematician, Stefan Mandel has won the jackpot 14 times. From 1960s to 1990s, Stefan has used his wit and affinity for numbers and created a near-perfect formula and cracked the system really well.

Though Mandel is not one of the biggest lottery winners, he has won millions by doing things by the book. He played smarter and dedicated a lot of his time in following his passion.

Stefan Mandel grew up in the communist era Romania, where large part of the population lived in poverty. Though there were not many ways to make a decent living, there was a government sanctioned lottery, which inspired Stefan to come up with the idea of beating the lottery odds. His aim was to find a sure fire way to win the lottery. Hence he brainstormed for a long time until he discovered the perfect math formula that could easily predict 5-6 winning numbers. This lottery (the government sanctioned) was, as Mandel saw it, his ticket out of the country.

After working for 4 years, it was now time to put to test his algorithm. In his first test in Romania only, he was aiming for a second prize win, which required matching only 5 numbers, but to his own surprise he ended up winning the jackpot.

Stefan Mandel then moved to Israel for some time and later shifted to Australia with his family. It was in Australia that Stefan would concoct his biggest plans. With his new status as an Australian Citizen, and the immensity of possible combinations in the Australian lottery, he began looking for investors.

In this system, he didn’t try to predict the winning combination instead he devised a way to buy a lottery ticket online and that too as many tickets as possible, and began to look for people who would participate in his plan.

Eventually he had throngs of people who would purchase and submit tickets from numerous convenience stores. Once a winning ticket was confirmed, they would take the receipt, and claim the winnings. He would then distribute portions of it to his investors and the army of ticket buyers. With the sole intention was to scoop in as many tickets for each major draw as possible.

With this formula, he hoped to purchase every ticket option available, opening the way for him to win the lottery for sure. This is when Stefan started focusing on major prizes which offered more money than combinations.

He cornered the Australian lottery 12 times. Every single time the Australian Government would enact new rules or laws and hope to stop Stefan’s very successful lottery operation. Such as a law which made it illegal for one man to purchase all tickets in a lottery was enacted, later another law which made it illegal for groups of individuals to purchase all tickets in a lottery draw. After his 12-win streak, now it was difficult for Stefan and his team to carry on ahead without getting into trouble, keeping in mind the various rules and regulations the government had enacted to prohibit Stefan’s winning spree.

This is when he decided to look for another country where he could legally continue his operations. Stefan now looked at the US, simply because it had no laws that prevented lottery players like him from cornering the markets.

Stefan Mandel

Stefan once said, “mathematics properly applied can guarantee a fortune”. In 1992 Stefan decided to apply his formula to the Virginia state lottery, which had by now reached a jackpot of more than $27 million. There were only 7.1 million number combinations in the Virginia lottery. All he needed was $7.1 million to purchase all lotto combinations. That is when he got 2500 investors from Australia, and each of them chipped in $2,500.

Approximately 7 million tickets were processed from more than 100 grocery stores and gas stations all over Virginia, and on Feb.16 1992, Stefan won the jackpot.

Though everything was done legally, the large sum naturally drew the interest of the government. He raked in more than $15 million for himself, against $5 million or so of expenses.

2004, Stefan was arrested and imprisoned in Israel, where he had tried to replicate the Virginia State lottery system, but failed to pay back to his investors. He was charged with fraud and sent to prison.

Here is Stefan’s six-step formula to make serious cash off the lottery:

  1. Calculate the total number of possible combinations; simply put for a lottery that requires you to pick 6 numbers between 1-40, the total combinations for the same will be 3,838,380
  2. Find out lotteries with a winning margin of at least 3 times the amount of combinations
  3. Raise cash to pay for each combination
  4. Use his mathematical algorithm to fill in every single ticket
  5. Take each personalized ticket to lottery dealers and pay for them
  6. Win cash and pay your back to your investors

Copycats of today are not able to replicate Stefan’s formula and after Stefan’s escapades, the US lotto authorities have changed the rules, hence it is nearly impossible for anyone to replicate Stefan’s scheme. People can no longer print their ticket on their own (at home) and buying lotto tickets in tens of thousands is also illegal now. Apart from this there are just too many hurdles one must overcome for it to be feasible. Even with the ability to play and purchase tickets from anywhere in the world, it is extremely difficult with the current system.

The only option you are left with is to play lottery the old-fashioned way, unless you are able to formulate or come up with a plan that will top the one created by Stefan.

Stefan Mandel the man who founded that perfect formula to hack the whole system, has retired from the lottery life, and now lives on a remote island off the coast of Australia.