There have been so many talented boxers in different weight divisions and different belts over the years that choosing 10 among them is challenging.

Considering factors like wins, quality of the opposition, longevity, mainstream appeal and dominance, here are the top 10 greatest boxers of all time.

10) Mike Tyson

Weight Class: Heavyweight
Career: 1985 to 2005
Record: 50-6-0-2; KO: 44

Mike Tyson was considered an unbeatable boxer in the early 1990s. His opponents dreaded his two-fisted knockout power. 44 of his 50 wins were knockouts. He lost six matches. When he was at his peak, people traveled miles to see his quick brutal knockouts.

Helga Esteb /
Helga Esteb /

9) Julio Cesar Chavez

Weight Class: Super Featherweight, Lightweight, Junior Welterweight, Welterweight
Career: 1980 to 2005
Record: 108-6-2; KO: 87

This immensely talented Mexican boxer was famous for his punching power and his ability to stalk his opponents in the ring. He turned professional when he was just 17. He did not lose even a single match in 10 years. He has won world championships in three different weight divisions.