Basketball may be a physically and mentally challenging sport but the teams that have won in NBA have proved that age is just a number as their average age is 28 years or higher suggesting that experience always triumphs over youthful exuberance. Seven out of the ten teams on this list of the oldest teams for the 2014-15 season have a good chance of going deep in the playoffs this year.

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10. Indiana Pacers – 28.2

The Pacers have found the going tough as they lost Paul George (leg injury) and also lost Charlotte through free agency, raising their average age. Larry Bird looks to veterans such as Roy Hibbert, Luis Scola, David West and George Hill to pick their season up to qualify for the playoffs.

9. Los Angeles Clippers – 28.4

They look to make the leap this year to the NBA finals and break their slump. Re-signing veteran Hedo Turkgolu rose their average age. But the good news is that marquee players like Blake Griffing and Andre Jordan are in their mid twenties.

8. Brooklyn Nets – 28.4

Signing ageing stars like Joe Johnson and Deron Williams in attempt to “win now” has backfired as they fell easily to the Miami Heat in the playoffs and are currently under .500 a quarter way through the season with an aging core.

7. Miami Heat – 28.5

Without LeBron, Heat face an uphill battle to win with thirty-somethings Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade leading the team to a sub-.500 start after 20 games. Chris “Birdman” Andersen is the elder statesman and chief tattoo consultant of the team at the age of 36.

6. Chicago Bulls – 28.5

Already the favorites for the eastern conference, adding 34 year old Pau Gasol laid impetus to an already formidable offense and defense with Jimmy Butler’s good year but their chances lie with fitness of Rose and Joakim Noah.