Each sport is different on its own accord and hence cannot be measured on the same scale. It is not always the way we see it as a spectator. In fact, the players are so familiar and focused on the sport that we may tend to underestimate its difficulty. Sports differ in terms of skills required which may be related to speed and aggressiveness in one, while some may be more focused on the mind and concentration. Some of the hardest sports to play may even require both of the above-mentioned factors.

Taking into consideration the various factors involved while playing a sport, we have tried to rank most difficult sports that we are familiar with. These sports are a mix of both individual and team sports.

10 Hardest Sports to Play In The World

Here are the top ten hardest sports to play in the world.

#1.  Gymnastics-Strength, Concentration, And Flexibility

Hardest Sports to Play - Gymnastics

Gymnastics, one of the hardest sports to play, is an extremely difficult sport which requires a lot of concentration as well as flexibility. It requires the use of both the mind and body to perform successfully. One has to perform flip flops, stunts, and summersaults all in the name of sports.

If you do get hurt while playing the sport there is no backing off like Football or Rugby. Moreover, injury during the sport can be permanent because of the moves endured at the time, unlike many other sports. Gymnastics is governed by the Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique founded in 1881.