Caddies may not make as much money as golf players, but they do make a good living themselves. They get a percentage of their players’ prize money! They also earn from endorsement deals. They need to wear bibs with names and logos of the tournament sponsors, but they are free to display their own logos on their hats and shirtsleeves.

Here are the top 10 highest paid caddies on the 2015 PGA Tour.

10) Craig Connelly ($625,000)

Craig Connelly caddies for German professional golfer Martin Kaymer. He was Martin’s caddie in 2010 when he won the PGA Championship.

Craig Connelly

9) Lance Bennett ($650,000)

Lance Bennett and American professional golfer Matt Kuchar have been together for nine years. Lance lost his wife Angela in August 2014. He returned to caddie for his player the very next month.