Football is one of the globe’s biggest and most popular sports. The demand for tickets to high profile games in every continent is huge. This has led to stadiums becoming increasingly sophisticated and bigger. These are biggest stadiums in the world, with some of them mind-bogglingly huge!

Let’s see the top 10 Largest Football Stadiums in the world as of 2016:

10) Borg El Arab Stadium-Capacity: 86,000

The Borg El Arab Stadium is located in Alexandria, Egypt, and is the biggest stadium in the country as well as the second biggest on the continent. The stadium was opened in 2007 and had been commissioned in an unsuccessful bid to host the 2010 World Cup by the Egyptian FA. Whilst the stadium was primarily built to host football it also has an Olympic running track to ensure the stadium isn’t just an expensive white elephant for the country. While it is the largest stadium in Egypt it is not home to the national football team who play at the Cairo International Stadium.


9) Gelora Bung Karno Stadium-Capacity: 88,306

The stadium is named after Indonesia’s first President. Amazingly the stadium was originally built in 1962 and was ahead of its time in terms of facilities. The roof of the stadium forms a ring which is referred to as the temu gelang, while the stadium can host a number of indoor and outdoor Olympic sports. The Indonesia football team play their home games at the stadium which also hosts the domestic side, Persija Jakarta.