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2) Salt Lake Stadium – Capacity: 120,000

The Salt Lake Stadium in Kolkata, India is the only stadium on our list that’s terrain is Astroturf and not grass. Although it is a multi-purpose stadium it is invariably used for football. The India national football team play their home matches at the stadium as do a number of sport clubs, not just football teams. A new metro station is currently being constructed to service the stadium and improve transport links.


1) Rungrado May Day Stadium – Capacity: 150,000

This North Korean stadium is not just the largest football stadium in the world, but the largest stadium in the world excluding those built for auto-racing. Whilst football is played at the stadium its primary usage is for the Arirang Festival and cultural celebrations. It is infamous for also being the site of the execution of a number of North Korean generals who were implicated in the attempted assassination of Kim Jong-Il in the 1990’s.