Sports fans are increasing in Asia. People of this large continent are working hard and growing richer day by day. There is plenty of stress involved in their jobs. They are seeking ways to entertain themselves.

Today one of the most popular leisure activities in Asia is watching sports. Amenities are increasing and for people belonging to sports related industries, multimedia revenue opportunities are growing. All these are leading to construction of some expensive stadiums.

Here are the top 10 most expensive stadiums in Asia as of 2016.

10) Taipei Municipal Stadium-$423 Million

This multi-purpose stadium is located in Taipei, Taiwan. It cost $423 million to build this stadium. The Taipei Municipal “Track and Field” Stadium has a grass surface and can seat 20,000 people.


9) Incheon Asiad Main Stadium-$429 Million (South Korea)

Located in Incheon, South Korea, the Incheon Stadium can seat around 30,000 people. It cost around $429 million to construct this solid structure. Owned by the Municipality of Incheon, this stadium is used for athletics meets.