Soccer is not just a sport, it is a huge business. As per Forbes report, the average value of the world’s top soccer teams continues to climb. Teams are getting rich TV and sponsorship deals. Top 20 most valuable teams are worth an average of $1.16 billion, 11 percent more than in 2014.

Here are the top 10 most valuable football clubs as of 2015 .

10) AC Milan-Team value: $775 million

(Revenue: $339 million; Operating income: 54 million)

AC Milan is the second most successful club in the world in terms of international titles. Last year, Emirates renewed its shirt sponsorship deal with this professional Italian football club for an average of $23 million a season over five years.


9) Juventus-Team value: $837 million

(Revenue: $379 million; Operating income: $50 million)

This professional Italian association football club captured its third consecutive domestic league title last year. Its sponsors Goodyear and Fiat extended their contracts last year.