Some folks of today’s generation see LeBron James as some sort of basketball god. People of the older generation can see right through him and his historical greatness though. James is the best player in the NBA. We are not here to argue that point. We are here to clarify why people hate this guy so much. Hate is not too strong a word either in case you are wondering. This NBA baller has done plenty to upset folks with his infamous “Decision” back in the day, but there is more where that came from. Here are ten reasons so many people loathe the site of LeBron James.

10. Let us first talk about his ridiculous looking head-band. The thing is so wide that it should not be considered a “head band”, but rather some sort of crazy cap with a tiny hole at the top. Why does he wear this hideous thing? Besides masking his creeping hairline, maybe it’s a good luck charm.

LeBron James Headband

9. I get that James is a dad in real life and just naturally would be someone to look up to for his younger teammates. Well there may be a different circumstance for J.R. Smith considering the fact that he has made father like comments about him joining the Cavs. Maybe LeBron is planning on adopting Smith at some point. It would be a good tax break adding another dependent I guess.