Sports injuries, today, are quite prevalent among various kinds of sports. Major League Baseball (MLB) is the least physical of the four big sports and is least prone to injuries as compared to others. Advancement in safety equipment and technology has made baseball one of the safest sports in the world.

However, it is no exception to few of the worst baseball injuries ever in the history of sports. Athletes undergo constant training to meet the demands of competition and this pressure of performance results in a schedule which is even busier than a full-time job. They push themselves to meet the expectations they set for themselves, their teams and their fans.

Top 10-Worst Baseball Injuries Ever

Most injuries can be effectively treated and there are specialist medical professionals and athletic trainers in every sports team for assistance when required. However, recovery period for an injury can range from a few weeks to a whole season or it can be as dreadful as a career-ending incident. Taking into consideration the broken bones, bloodiness, recovery period and intensity of impact, here is the list of top 10 worst MLB Injuries.

10. Bobby Valentine

Bobby Valentine

Drafted in 1968 by Los Angeles Dodgers, Bobby Valentine’s career in MLB was quite promising after he started to play for the California Angels. The talented player’s career came to an end because of a terrible injury during a game in 1973. He was playing for an injured teammate in Anaheim Stadium and while chasing down a home run, his metal cleat got stuck in the fence. His momentum carried forward and he suffered multiple leg fractures. His leg never got recovered properly and he could not play again ever after.

This injury of Valentine made an impact on the development of cleats and home run fences. Chain link home run fences no longer exist in MLB and metal cleats seized to be used.