9. J.A. Happ

J.A. Happ

MLB player from Toronto Blue Jays, J.A. Happ got injured in the skull by a line drive by Desmond Jennings in the summer 2013 game against Tampa Bay Rays. He had collapsed on the ground and blood was seen coming out from his left ear in some time.

Not only did the injury result in the fractured skull but also sprained his PCL and MCL by dropping down on the mound. His knee was struck by the ball and it got badly damaged. Happ could never recover fully enough to return to his team.

8. Chris Snyder

Chris Snyder

This baseball injury is a terrible one. The pain of getting hit in the man area is the worst. During a game in 2008 against the Milwaukee Brewers, the Arizona Diamondbacks player got a foul ball in his groin. He did not suffer much instantly but had to get out of the game after a few painful innings. Later, it was revealed that the catcher suffered a testicle fracture which required a surgery to get it removed. Luckily, he recovered soon and resumed his career.

7. Brian Roberts

Brian Roberts

With his MLB debut in 2001 with Baltimore Orioles, Brian Roberts played for the team till 2013. In 2005, the MLB player Brian Roberts got his arm totally bent behind the back while trying to defeat New York Yankees. This injury occurred in a collision with Bubba Crosby at the first base during the second inning. His injury was painful and seemed dreadful. It prevented him from playing the remainder of the season. However, the player recovered and returned in 2006. He played 138 games despite the pain from his injury. Brian Roberts did not allow any injury to get in the way of his baseball career.