3. Juan Encarnacion

Worst MLB Injuries - Juan Encarnacion

This talented MLB player, Juan Encarnacion played eleven seasons from 1997 to 2007. The outfielder of St. Louis Cardinals was hit by a foul ball by a teammate when he was warming up on the on-deck circle. His head suffered an injury which resulted in multiple fractures in his left eye socket and a terrible damage to the eye which stopped him from playing the season.

It was announced that the game of August 2007 was the last game of Major League Baseball that Encarnacion played. He could never again return.

2. Tony Conigliaro

Tony Conigliaro - Worst Baseball Injuries Ever

Drafted in 1962 by the Boston Red Sox, Tony Conigliaro made his debut in 1964 with the team. However, on a bad night in August 1967, the player’s life changed forever. It was a home game between Boston Red Sox and the California Angels. During the game, Tony was hit in the face by Jack Hamilton with a fastball.

The player suffered from multiple injuries including a dislocated jaw, fractured cheekbone, and damaged retina. Tony’s eyesight got deteriorated continuously due to the injury and he had to retire in 1975 finally.